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Baseco-Traits database


BASECO is a database created in 1996 as a tool to store and manage information about plant traits, in the "Institut Méditerranéene Biodiversité et d'Ecologie marine et continentale" (IMBE). The main area of research of this Institute is the impact of human activities and their consequences on the biodiversity in different ecosystems with a focus on the Mediterranean Basin, which is one of the richest and most diversified zone of the world and one of the 34 "hotspots of biodiversity".

Firstly developped on Access(c), BASECO was recently transferred on the internet by Natural Solutions, and it is presently hosted by the "Institut Pythéas - Observatoire de Sciences de l'Univers"(OSU Pythéas) through a common research program in order to develop protocols for an easy and rigorous exchange of trait information between several databases.